High Piled Storage Permit in TEXAS

High Piled Storage Permits in TEXAS

Need to apply for a High Piled Storage Permit in Texas? We can help! With the significant increase of companies migrating from California to Texas, the High Piled Permit requirements are also changing drastically. Unfortunately, all fire departments are implementing these changes and enforcing them in the county of their jurisdiction.

The Fire Safety Guys has performed High Piled Permit Solutions for many companies across Texas. Our latest project in Travis County passed inspection within one week of execution. Are you looking to store your products 12 feet or higher in an area greater than 500 square feet? Then it would be best if you had a High Piled Storage Permit. Unfortunately, there is no workaround; you must comply within 120 days of the fire marshals citation or approved plans. In some cases, they do not give you much time to comply.

High Piled Permits in Texas

What to expect in the coming year

The requirements for a High Piled Storage Permit in TEXAS are changing due to them adapting to the ICF (International Fire Codes) and the latest NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards.

In addition, with the increase of products coming into the country and companies wanting to increase their storage capacity in a warehouse, stricter law enforcement needed to be implemented to keep everyone safe from fires, accidents, and deaths.

When the fire marshals come to your warehouse, they are not there to shut you down. Instead, they are there to ensure you store your products correctly and safely, so you should learn to classify your products by commodities and how high you can store certain commodities.


Commodities Include:

  • Material and Internal Packaging
  • External packaging
  • Pallet

How to correctly classify your commodity

  • What’s in the box?
  • Use of packaging material?
  • Are there plastics, yes?
  • What kind of plastics is it mixed with?



Depending on what your High Piled Permit calls for? These are some of the items you will need to pass Inspection. If you are unsure what is required? You can also send us a copy of your High Piled Storage Permit, and we will walk you through it. Contact us today: (800) 218-1247

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