Pallet Back Stops


Pallet Back Stops are ideal for flue space control in single-row and double-row pallet rack applications.

The purpose of the Back Stops is to provide your pallet racking system with a continuous and clear longitudinal flue space.

It is used for fire safety and to prevent pallets from obstructing your flue spaces in the event of a fire. In addition, Back stops aid your fire sprinkler system work correctly if a fire breaks out in your warehouse.

Pallet Back Stops are durable and cost-effective flue space dividers that provide a fixed 6” or more unobstructed longitudinal flue space within your pallet rack application. The Back Stops can also be with Structural pallet rack systems.

The pallet stops also act as a pallet safety stop and help prevent pallets from being pushed in too deep in the racking system and obstructing your pallet rack flue spaces.

Stay compliant with the Fire Department and help keep your pallet rack system and flue space safe with our easy-to-install Back Stops. Need Installation? We will deliver and install your back stops in Southern California. To stay compliant you may also use Flue Space Labels

Available Sizes

  •  12-Inch provides a 6-Inch Flue Space
  • 18-Inch provides a 12-inch flue space
  • 24-Inch provides an 18-Inch flue space
Back Stops for High Piled Permit Compliance

Use on double row pallet rack systems only.

  • 5″ height to prevent pallets from entering the flue space area.
  • Consistently keep a fixed flue space within your entire pallet rack system
  • Securely fits around wire deck with a two gauge diameter.
  • 4 Prepunched holes for mounting


  • Custom colors available
  • Single and Double designs are available
  • Durable powder-coated texture for longer lasting
Single Back Stops

Use only on single row Pallet Rack Systems. It May be used on double row racks when not all level are consistent

  • Robotic Welds for smooth surface
  • Install easily with 4 tek-screws
  • Durable powder coat painting
  • May be requested in custom colors (additional fee)