Warehouse Line Striping with Egress Path


When it comes to line striping your new or current warehouse, you need to plan. Planning will save you time, money, and the possibility of ruining your floor.

However, before you begin your striping project, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to end up with a well-executed plan.

Whether you plan to increase your storage capacity by stacking pallets higher than 12 feet or staying below 12 feet but want to increase your storage capacity? Your “ultimate goal” is to stay safe and compliant while increasing your palletized storage area to the maximum allowed by your fire sprinkler system.

In a nutshell? Before you hire a striping company, It would be a good idea to consult with a High Piled Permit Consultant and have them answer all your fire safety questions.

As stated earlier, “Your Fire Sprinkler System” dictates how high you can stack your products and how wide your palletized area squares/lines need to be for you to stay safe and compliant.

Leasing the building: If you’re renting, check with your leasing or management company to see if you can stripe the floors with Permanent paint. If your leasing company does not allow striping with permanent paint? We have other alternatives, such as Heavy-Duty Line Striping Tape, to help you deliver professional results.

Purchasing the building: You have more control if you bought or are buying the building, but you still need to decide what type of paint you want to use; permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. Depending on your requirements is the paint you need to use.

If you plan to use a permanent solution, keep in mind that when it comes to line striping? There is no such thing as a permanent striping solution. While some striping paints offer longer results than others, what determines the longevity of your line striping is; the environment, forklift traffic, workers scrapping the pallets on the floor, and time. Even the so-called expensive “permanent striping solutions” will need a touch-up sooner than later.

This brings us to the following question, What type of paint should you use? We typically advise our customers to go with a semi-permanent approach. The reason for that is, we work and live in the warehouse environment and know that your customers, products, and inventories are constantly changing. Since you’re in a dynamic environment? what worked for you last year may not work today. So being able to restructure your warehouse floor is essential.

Need help with your line striping project? The Fire Safety guys will help you create, design, and execute your line striping project. We have over 12 years of experience in warehouse compliance and Fire Safety Services. We will produce a Warehouse Line Striping project that will focus on ADA, OSHA, and Fire Safety by addressing the following areas: Egress Paths, Emergency Exits, and Pedestrian Travel Paths.