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The FIRE SAFETY GUYS is a HYBRID company that offers education with a smooth shopping experience. We call it “LEARN WHILE YOU SHOP.” While most companies want to sell you something, we’d instead educate you first, so you make the right choice. Our goal is to keep you informed so you can choose the right products to help you pass your High Piled Storage Permit or Rack Installation Permit Inspections.

Not sure what items you need to pass your inspections? Give us a call or send us a copy of your approved permits, and we will walk you through them. Don’t have permits? Don’t worry. The Fire Safety Guys will help you with that as well. 

Fulfill Your Flue Space Requirements with our Flue Space Labels


Change is inevitable in a warehouse, so when protecting a high-hazard space such as a warehouse, distribution center, or industrial facility, the building’s active fire protection systems must be designed to address the specific commodities stored in the facility. 

Likewise, when you plan to store or stack your products above 12 feet in an area that exceeds 500 sq. ft., it is considered High Piled Storage, and a permit will be necessary. 


Most warehouses experience three significant challenges: unforeseen growth, lack of product room, and organizational changes. While growth is always good, not having enough space in a warehouse can be detrimental and unsafe. So having to reconfigure, relocate or expand the warehouse constantly are unavoidable.

Regardless of their reasons, organizational changes can be very disruptive to the organization’s everyday operations. Since these operations include processes, procedures, and policies to protect workers from injury, dealing with the change haphazardly or without forethought can leave workers unsafe and unprotected.


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