Fire Extinguisher Brackets – Strap Type


FOR ABC DRY CHEMICAL FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Secure your Fire Extinguishers with Amerex Strap Type Fire Extinguisher Brackets. We offer a great selection of brackets to help you secure your Fire Extinguishers in your Pallet Racks, Warehouse Columns, and various settings.





While the small conventional wall-mount fire extinguisher brackets may work in isolated places or mild traffic areas, that may not be the case for heavily trafficked areas such as Pallet Rack Aisles, Forklift paths, and Pallet Rack Tunnels. Therefore, we advise you use “Strap Type Fire Extinguisher brackets” vs. the Wall-Mounts.

Keeping all your fire extinguishers working properly and serviced yearly is essential in all work environments. So whether you’re in a small industrial building or an enormous warehouse, “FIRE SAFETY should never be overlooked. Part of your High Piled Permit approval and agreement with your Fire Department is that all Fire Extinguishers are serviced regularly and are appropriately secured. 

Some of the benefits of Strap type Fire Extinguisher Brackets are:

  • Secure Fire Extinguishers in place better
  • Less Broken or Inoperable Fire Extinguishers
  • Better visibility in low light areas
  • Less Servicing and replacements can save you money long-term.

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